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Points System

  1. Must be a member to run the point system.
  2. You must race the sled you qualified with to receive your points for the day. Once you have taken the green flag in the heat race you will no longer be eligible to race another sled for the gain of points.
  3. You will receive one point for registering that day.
  4. Points are based on a 6 sled final. Points start at 15 for the winner of the feature and go back to the last place sled. You must run your heat to go to the final.
  5. Points are final for the day at payout.
  6. Any unsportsmanlike conduct or disrespect of any official will be a mandatory loss of points at the discretion of the Board.
  7. The Board reserves the right to change any rules at any time to meet the needs of NNYVSR, Inc.

All drivers/sled receive one point for registration. Points are as follows: 

1st - 15 points
2nd - 14 points
3rd - 13 points
4th - 12 points
5th - 11 points
6th - 10 points

These points include the registration point.

If the driver is DNS in the feature, they receive 2 points. 

If the driver is DNF in the feature, they receive 3 points.

Rules Clarificaion / Tech Dept.
For any questions or concerns, contact
Paul Ragen 315-399-3597