Safety Rules for ALL Classes

  1. All sleds must pass a tech inspection before racing.
  2. All sleds must have:
    a. Working brake
    b. Working tether switch with tether attached to the driver c. Clutch guard
    d. Chain guard
    e. Cowl over engine compartment f. Rear flap no more than 2" above the ground
  3. Tether must be attached to the driver or pit member whenever the sled is running.
  4. All stands must be properly guarded.
  5. DO NOT over rev sled on a stand. (VERY DANGEROUS)
  6. Driver must wear a snowmobile helmet with at least 4" of bright tape.
  7. Shin guards must be worn on at least one leg.
  8. Safety jackets are a MUST for every driver.
    a. No plastic motocross chest protectors are allowed.
  9. Driver must wear a protective jacket and pants.
  10. A neck restraint is recommended.
  11. Alcoholic or drugs are NOT allowed in the PIT AREA. You will be asked to leave.
  12. No inappropriate behavior or language in the PIT AREA.
  13. No racing in PIT AREA.
  14. The Race Director has overall control over the event.
  15. All drivers must obey the pit marshal, flagman and corner men.
  16. The flagman is in control of the track during hot laps and the race.
  17. Race Committee will assist the Race Director in solving disputes during or after the race.
  18. Flags used during the race a. Green: Go race
    b. Yellow: Race with caution
    c. Red: Stop the race
    d. White: One lap to go
    e. Checkered: End of race f. Black: Drop out of race
  19. All sleds must complete the first lap or the race will be restarted.
  20. In case of a Red flag, line up in order at the time of the red flag.
  21. Two lap shoot out for the last lap red flag.
  22. (All snowmobiles in all classes) - The rear tunnel must be enclosed with steel or aluminum comparable in strength to the tunnel material. The tunnel enclosure is required to reduce the possibility of skis and driver's extremities entering the tunnel area. The shaded area (see illustration) must be enclosed. The enclosure shall cover the rear and both sides and extend forward to the rear suspension mounting bolt. The bottom of the enclosure shall be no higher than one (1) inch above the center of the rear axle (with the driver in place). The rear of the enclosure shall be no further than 2.5 inches from the rear of the track. The tunnel enclosure must be securely welded, bolted or riveted to the tunnel.
  23. Must have a non-blinking tail light. Minimum 4 square inches.
  24. No modular helmets.
  25. All helmets must be Snell approved or be equivalent.
  26. Protective boots or shoes. No sneakers.

For any questions or concerns, contact Paul Ragen 315-399-3597